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project progress
order profitability
the budget and deadlines

Thanks to Bugilo you can easily monitor the project progress in your company and calculate their profitability

Manage projects

Manage tasks and monitor project implementation progress in real time. Bugilo enables you to create tasks, assign resources to them and estimate the time needed to complete the whole project.

Task visualization

The tasks placed on the kanban board can be easily dragged and dropped, thus allowing you to carry out current projects easily.

Dashboard view
Projects statistics

Monitor order profitability

Thanks to Bugilo you can monitor not only the time required to carry out projects and tasks, but also their costs. By analysing the cost statistics presented both as figures and in graphical form you can evaluate the profitability of the projects carried out.


When a project is at risk, Bugilo will inform you about it in advance.


Have settlements with your employees carried out automatically

Bugilo does an excellent job as a simple time and attendance system. Thanks to it you can estimate better the time and costs required in order to carry out future orders.

Statistics for individual employees and teams

From now on you can analyse the work efficiency of both individual employees and whole teams.

Users statistics
Documents list

Issue invoices

Together with Bugilo you receive a way of issuing invoices to your customers. The system generates documents automatically on the basis of customer data.

Document database

The invoices generated can always be easily found in the proceeds database and provided to the customers.


Assess and create quotations together with other employees

In a company the responsibility for executing orders is very often divided between several employees from different departments. Thanks to Bugilo you can quickly assess new quotations in cooperation with others. The application allows creating simple editable assessment forms that can be shared with other employees.

Comparison of quotations

In Bugilo you can compare quotations created by different subcontractors and select those most favourable.

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Offer quotes comparison


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