Do I need to monitor my projects?


The production of a project in a appointed time and budget is never easy – every contractor and project manager knows about it. Only frivolous person can say, that it is simply, because one or two day delay can not be such a disaster. The Tirtel law says: a matter once postponed, will continue to do it independently. Nonetheless we have to consider the costs, and the clients satisfaction (a delay will cause dissatisfaction), which are combined with such attitude.

That’s why monitoring projects is a task extremely demanding. It is worth to assist yourselves with a dedicated to such tasks app. If:

  • several  different size projects are realized in one timeline,
  • projects are exceeding budgets,
  • projects are exceeding established time,
  • there are gaps in stock,
  • nobody knows how much time is left till the project ends,
  • you can’t compare projects with each other,
  • the harmonograms of similar projects are matching each others timeline,
  • there are projects, which company shouldn’t realize anymore from a long time,
  • there are projects which nobody remembers,

you have to seriously think about your attitude on project realization. Even, if in a company mentioned above situation, hasn’t take place, it is worth to think about preventing them. Those state affairs can cause serious problems by undermining our brand. Bad information’s are spreading very fast, especially through customers. It is worth to think about it: how often we say, that the hairdresser cut to much or made us bad hairstyle? This example can seem very simple, but that’s the point. Proposing website which we will built in one month to a client and providing it after two month delay we definitely expose our company’s brand on bad opinion.

So controlling projects is extremely important, not only from the causes of monitoring the company’s profitability, but also from the clear marketing reasons. Every products or service provided to a customer is our business card and we can’t forget about it.

The solution can be hiring a Project Manager, or choosing a proper monitoring app. The market is full of those, and you can choose from a wide offer. They are different from each other not only by the interface, but also by the contained tools. Furthermore the companies often propose a free one-month membership, which can help you in testing it and deciding, if this specific software fits your needs. Furthermore such apps generally works in cloud, which eliminates the need to install the on our devices. The benefits don’t ends on those, I recommend to discover the rest of them by yourselves.

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