Which invoice software is the best?


While starting our own start-up we often forget, that running a business is combined with record keeping. One of its example is an invoice, necessary to confirm the sales. It is one of the most important receipts, which business owners have to deal with. Without it, is a lot harder to enforce the payment from the customer. Thanks to the invoice we have a proof, that the business transaction has been made. In addition, thanks to the record keeping, companies can easily monitor the profitability.

Luckily we can issue an invoice in several ways. We can do it on a ready form, in text editor, in spreadsheet program, or even on a piece of paper. Nevertheless all the mentioned methods, requires from us extra work. The most easy way is to use a special program.

The market offer us variety number of such apps, but in most cases, to use them, you have to pay. But what if we don’t want to expand our budget, and we want to get a free invoices app?

Saturation of the market can cause dezorientation. When you will look through all available apps, you won’t be sure anymore, what do you exactly need. Should we pay for the premium version, or the basic one will match with our needs? Is it necessary to change the looks of an invoice? Or do we have to receive a notification, that it was delivered?


The program should be helpful, contain user-friendly interface and as many free options as possible – this is an assumption, which any person who is searching for an issue invoice app, will agree with. That’s why I will mention below three, which in my opinion are the most important:


  1. Task board tool

It is not a popular option in the issue invoice program market, but I can surely recommend it. In the info glut it is easy to forget about upcoming terms or tasks – we are only people, not machines. Having that in mind I think it is important to think about a  task board tool while choosing the invoicing app.


  1. Monitor profitability

It is also an important feature, which every program should contain. We run a business, so we want to have control on what is happening inside the finances area. Gathering together all information in one place allows to figure out, in what situation is our company. In addition, if the program is able to visualize for us the data, in friendly, simple form of grapf, we can refer to the financial situations which had place several months ago.


  1. Company logotype

After issuing an invoice, it is better to check out in the final file, if there is no logo of the app  on it (example: CudBee or InvoiceMaschine in the trial version). Whats more, the law allow us to  modify the looks of the invoice. It is possible to add on it additional information such as: the field of our business or logotype of our company, as long as it will stay readable. Thanks to such moves we increase the chance that the client will remember our brand. So, as you can see, it is worth to provide for yourself such personalization tool.


The tools mentioned above are mostly in the premium version of the programs, and you have to pay for them. It is hard to find a fully free app, which will reach our expectations. You can’t be surprised – for good quality services, you always have to pay. It is worth to spend several dollars per month on a premium membership. Eventually this app will help not only in issuing invoices, but also in monitoring profitability and everyday organization.
I think, that the most expanded plans are too much for the fresh developing start-ups. Nonetheless you should have in mind, that our business not always will be small, so while  choosing an invoice app, it is good to take few steps ahead and think about our future. The final decision should contain the question: how much money I would like to spend in the future on my invoicing app, when my company will be big?

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