Why do I need a task visualization tool?


Let’s imagine: finally, we run our business successfully. We’re happy. Our next step is hiring new people, the company is developing, our idea fits the needs of the market. We were in the right time and place! Now, over 10 persons is working for us. Communication between them is starting to cause some problems, but it is not so bad yet. We travel more often and get more orders thanks to that. That situation pulls within more responsibility – we have to memorize more facts and tasks. Some of them we can pass to our employees, what we willingly do. We are forced to rely on somebody else… but wait a minute – do we really have to? Do we have any influence on this dependency?

Of course we do! The first step is to realize, that even in a small company it is smart to invest in a software, which will help us get through everyday responsibilities. Managing, monitoring actions, which have place not only inside, but outside the business, and providing the fluency of information is the duty of every company owner. A task visualization app will help us manage not only the business area, but also our private one. Let’s get a closer look.

The tool, which is the best for our private and business life is based on Kanban boards. What is that, you can ask? I can write a lot about it, but the best terms are those seven formulations – no: delays, lacks, supplies, queues, inactivity, shifts or needless tech controls and operations. Sounds good?


The Kanban boards are usually based on tree columns – to do, doing and done. They reply to the status of the tasks which we have to do. A project always divides on several tasks. If we describe them right, we will be able to evaluate it’s progress by one blink of an eye. When we start to do one of them, we drag and drop it into the proper column. We have to do the same with all our tasks, and thanks to that we are able to see how long will it take, to finish the whole project. Simply, right?

Furthermore, some of the software contains indications of tasks, as a private one. I’m not quite convinced, if it is a good solution (too many of them can mix with the business ones on the Kanban board), but I can say for sure, that it is an interesting solution.


Summing up – a program for task visualization is necessary for your company. We can’t fool ourselves, that we will manage to run a business without it. In the beginning it will possible, but remember, that we don’t have to make our life harder. After choosing and implementing a software, managing, monitoring and the flow of information’s will be much more readable and it will speed up the everyday functionality of the company. And that’s all what matters, right?

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