How to save time at work?


A proper software to monitor your own, as well as your employees activity won’t do the trick, if you misjudge your capabilities. Thanks to the contained statistics it is possible to estimate how many hours we spent on the project or how long an employee performed his task. But how to evaluate if he could do it faster? Or can you measure his enthusiasm during doing it? Can we calculate how much time he spend on a “meaningless” activities?  

Often unknowingly we make mistakes that reflect on our productivity at work. They can be a reflection of our bad mood or an unnecessary routine, which we unconsciously repeat. Mixing personal life with our career, for example gossiping or long entrance procedures are often found in the company’s structure. There would be nothing wrong if it didn’t consume our precious time. That’s why I divided both of those dependencies on two categories: internal and external.


Both of them are factors, that can influence on and get through each other. For example: often, the result of our bad mood is searching conversation with another colleague, or frequent snacking. The effect is detaching from our duties. However, those categories are designed to help with the changes in both small and large businesses. In a small corporate group, as the owners, we can have an impact on individuals. In a large one it may not be impossible, but much more time-consuming and laborious.


Internal conditions:

  • Speculation about the work is not a bad thing in the end , because analyzing our own decisions and learn from them is helpful in the future. However, when we do it too much, we can get miserable. Maybe it is time to move and fix the problem instead of thinking about it?
  • We can’t forget, that everything is in our head. Keep positive attitude – this advice can seem a cheap one grabbed straight from color magazine with a small circulation. However many times I noticed, that apathy and despondency isn’t the best company at work. It is worth to get rid of them.
  • You can get lost in the infoglut, that’s clear. However switching between different tasks require from us focusing from the begging by every-time, lowering our effectiveness. Let’s try to do one thing at time.
  • Implementing several projects at the same time can cause powerlessness and you can feel useless. It is possible that at the end of the day when we are doing multitasking without tangible changers, you will feel that way. For this reason, much better system is to start and stop one task at a time. If it isn’t possible, it is worth to implement time frames, where you work for example: one hour on project x, two on project y, and than you come back to the project x.
  • Holding to an old plan can also be a waste of time. If the new/old one, doesn’t meet their objectives, just get rid of it. Being flexible and ease of adaptation to new situations is a very usable character quality.
  • Stress and adrenaline let us work longer and harder, than we usually do. However that kind of exploitation of our bodies to gain to “extra” time is doesn’t lead to anything good. While being exhausted we will spent more time on tasks, which in normal conditions we would do several times faster.


External conditions:

  • Rush is a bad adviser, or “hurry slowly” are not vain clichés, although sometimes it may seem so. When you rush it often turns out, that we made a lot of mistakes during completing the task. The result is the need to recheck yourselves (even several times), which consumes extra time
  • The need to take control over your projects I described in the “Do I have to monitor my projects?” article. But I think that in this point, that not only you, as a business owner should have a finger on the pulse. Employees also should control and distribute tasks among each other and monitor how they are fulfilling them.
  • To take a step forward, sometimes you have to take it backwards. It will be necessary while admiring, that we are not able to provide everything. An example can be a website. It is important for it to be professional, transparent and with good design. We can not cut costs on it, so making it by ourselves, if we are beginners isn’t a good idea. It is worth to invest in professional help. We can’t do everything on a high level by ourselves.
  • ISP often resets the connection? The printer often breaks down ? The computer is old, and the system is slow? Find the weak links in your company and deal with them. You will be forced to spend some money, but that this amount will pay for itself quick
  • Optimizing the small steps can also be helpful. While copying and pasting something on a mobile device you don’t have to look at the status bar. You can check your e-mails at this time.

Mentioned above changes should be primarily long-term in order to actually save time at work. Consolidating the new routine and weaning off the old habits (where did we get them?), not only the effectiveness will increase, but the mood of the whole team. For this reason, they should be involved, because company is people, and with happy employees we will become a successful company significantly faster.

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